1936 Royal Ulsterman

(Good name for a boat by Burns and Laird)

A boat Andy Ross sailed on ...

A History of The Royal Ulsterman

(Thanks to Steve Robertson for this information)

A painting of Royal Ulsterman, no publisher shown (presumed to be a Burns & Laird official card).

A real photo on a painted sea, published by OTC.

A post-war real photo card, presumed to be a Burns & Laird official. Probably a dockside photo transplanted onto 'open sea'.

A photo card, published by W.E.Walton, Belfast.

Another photo card of Royal Ulsterman.

She sank at Beirut on 3/3/73 and was later scrapped like her sister ship The Royal Scotsman, she ended up in Texas and is probably this minute part of Chevrolet!