Pride of Stranmore Report

Pride of Stranmore, Gilford.

The first of 2 parades took place in Gilford on Friday night. This was the first time I can remember taking part in this parade which attracted quite a number of bands.

The plan was to do the parade early and then get to Dromore as quickly as possible. However, it didn't quite work out that way.

Lowest point of the evening had to be getting soaked waiting on the buss arriving with the rest of the lads.
However it was good to see that the new uniforms passed the first wet weather test of the year with flying colours.
We paraded with 24 flutes, 11 drums, 8 flags 1 drum major and 1 bass drummer. Cutter was unable to make it to Gilford, so George played the bass drum.

A local grass technician has suggested that the mighty cutter has reached that stage in life when 2 parades on the same evening are beyond him. The suggestion is that old age has claimed him as a latest victim.

Naturally when the accusation was made by the above mentioned grass technician, we here in the reports section of the website leapt to the defense of the real Cutter, not the grass-cutter.

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