Saturday night 30th July saw the band attend the Orange hall Committee  Parade which takes place on the last saturday in July.

A good crowd of spectators came out to show the support for the local orange lodges and 12 local bands that attended. Both were rewarded with a bright, sunny and warm evening with each of the bands giving good and entertaining performances. 

This parade is more family orientated than the other parades we participate in with a lot of young ones following the bands around the route.

The parade was lead by the Kilkeel Silver band, with our own band parading last. 

With members on holidays, a few working late, the odd one or two parading with their local lodge bands and one grounded for mysterious reasons (aka mess), numbers were still good with 27 fluters, 8 drummers, 5 flag girsl, cutter on the bass, side walker and a new addition to the band namely a gorilla that had escaped from the zoo who lead the band in exchange for some bananas. 

This was much to the delight of the crowd especially the fellow bandsmen and young ones except for one little boy who ran away.

Overall it was an excellent day and an entertaining end to the night and to all members, a big well done for your efforts and giving up your free time.