Mourne Young Defenders Flute Band


Northern Ireland

Bienvenue… Benvenuto…. Bienvenido …… Willkommen…

& Hullorerr…


To the Mourne Young Defenders Flute Band website. We are one of many flute bands from Northern Ireland. In spite of what you might have heard from the media, flute bands are not gun toting paramilitaries who seek to stir up trouble (though there are some bands who appear to be more Dervish-like than we would wish to appear!). MYD is in the entertainment business and that is irrespective of our audience's culture, class or religion. The band certainly advocates Northern Ireland remaining part of the United Kingdom, and we hope that our music transcends the divisions between peoples and in such a way promotes our cause. The B Flat can be more powerful than the bullet!

The pages that follow aim to introduce you to what we think is a unique band: We do not fit the mould, in spite of being classed as a "Melody Flute Band". These few pages will include links to more substantial "links" pages about the "Ulster Culture" of marching. As the welcome might imply, in outlook we are a cosmopolitan band and the pages will provide links to other sources of fife and drum music. We include a Gallery of MYD pictures, a Diary of Events, and perhaps a tune or two, if space will allow.



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