We had a bit of a drum major crisis ahead if this one. Sam Hughes our best driver had made a monumental mistake and had allowed Willy John to travel on 1 of his bus tours to Blackpool. You'd really think he'd have more sense. 

Darren was working in his new photography job, at least he had a job on Saturday afternoon and was spending tonight trying to get the lens cap off the camera. As for Craig, he was brushing his hair. 

Things were looking grim, but thankfully Batman arrived and rescued the band, at least I think it was batman. Well it was some bloke with a cape anyway. 

This was the last parade of the year, and as I got changed at the car, I was glad. I was totally frozen, and even considered the offer of a cigarette in a bid to warm me up (I've never smoked in my life, that's how bad things were) 

Average turn out tonight, 10 and 21. Would have been 11 and 21 had Steve Morris remembered his boots. He must be in love again. 

With George still on holiday, the average age of the back row was once again below 30. He's back soon to take it up past the 50 mark. 

Very few people out watching this parade which was a pity, but you can't blame them on such a cold night. We lifted another 4 first prizes, sadly batman couldn't win drum major (Come on Mo, get the finger out) 

As for the drum corps, well they decided to do a new routine in front of the judges. It involved all ten joining in the rolls at the start of the tune at different times and was accompanied by head movements towards each other and blank facial expressions. It was really really good and I can't understand how they didn't win 1st prize. Well done lads, I thought it was great. And apparently it was Ryan who came up with the idea. I heard afterwards David the Field Marshall Montgomery really loved it. 

As for what we did win, Best cymbal player, oh no apparently we didn't get that either. 

No it was Best Melody Flute, Best Colour Party, Best Style and Appearance and Best Overall band.

A tremendous achievement this year lads and lassies in rewards, so give yourselves a big pat on the back. And then get the finger out for next year.

We can't sit back, it's time to keep moving forward. The people expect it.