Goldsprings True Defenders


This was our first outing since the 12th, we returned to Comber last year for the first time after a long absence, and enjoyed it so much that we thought we'd go back.

Here was a major doubt whether Willie John Heany would be able to attend. He's having a difficult time trying to get the grass to grow at the football pitch in Annalong. Rumour has it that Heany may be facing and investiogation after it was reported by some of the players that he tried to sew the grass but has ruined one of the best playing surfaces in Northern Ireland.

One player told this column "Mr Heany told us he was a grass technician and he can't even sew grass. He couldn't sew a pair of trousers".

Thankfully Heany managed to put the whole incident behind him as he produced another outstanding display with the cymbals.

The drum corps was severely depleted due to holidays, A birthday party and sunburn (Ryan McCullough).
Also in the melody section were the Regimental Band, Strain and Lightbody from newtownards and Ballylesson. The town square was filled with spectators and we got a very nice reception from those who were watching.

Despite parading with a smaller band than usual we won another 5 first prizes, Best Melody Flute, Melody Drum Corps, Senior Drum Major, Colour Party and Best Overall Band.