It was 2 new venues for the band as we headed to Dunmurry and then on to Sandy Row for the parades organized by Queensway Flute Band and Ulster First Flute.

Dunmurry was our first destination where we paraded with 9 drums and 21 flutes. The Queensway band have enjoyed something of a revival in recent years, and it was pleasing that we were able to attend their parade. For many years they held their competition on the same night as our own but the dates were kind this year and it meant we were able to support each other, Queensway having made the trip to Kilkeel last week.

The band played well and we completed most of the route before heading off to Sandy Row for our 2nd parade of the evening.

It was after 10.00 by the time we got formed up and paraded in the Sandy Row area for the 2nd time in a fortnight. Pride of Knockmore and South Belfast YC were among the bands who also attended both parades.

We were down to 7 drummers for this one, Stephen was heading off with the Apprentice Boys on Saturday morning, and it's obvious he needs his beauty sleep. As for Greasy, well he's pushing towards the 40 mark, and he just can't cope with the 2 parades on the same night anymore.

Anyway, a group of local kids showed us around the parade route, although Craig who was leading the band while Darren enjoys his holidays, thought that they were leading us on a wild goose chase down Great Victoria Street.

Thankfully they remembered to turn towards Sandy Row as Nigel acted as a traffic warden. At last we've found something that he's good at.

We were the last band to parade so it made life easier on the Donegall Road where the bands pass.
As for the Silverware, well we won Best Overall band at both parades and won a total of 11 first prizes, 7 in sandy Row and 4 in Dunmurry. Well done to all those who made the effort to attend.