Downshire Guiding Star

Friday 9th September, the band were attending the annual parade of Downshire Guiding Star in Banbridge.

The weather for tonight wasn't looking good from the morning and stayed that way throughout the night with the odd occasional break in the wet conditions except for the heavy rain halfway through the parade with many spectators heading for cover.

The hosts were still rewarded with a good turnout of spectators that lined both sides of the road going up and over the bridge and as always under the bridge where a lot were standing for shelter but mainly to hear each band play under the bridge which to everyone is a great feature and one that everyone enjoys.

Between 61-63 bands attended tonight with all the big hitters in both sections attending including the likes of the Pride of the Raven, Pride of Ballinran, Skeogh, East Belfast Protestant Boys, Kilcluney, Drumderg and the Pride of the Hill Rathfriland who always have good volume whether big or small.

Tough job for the judges to separate these bands but meaning good enjoyment for the people.

Our own band traveled tonight with 27 fluters, 12 drummers, 7 flag girls, Darren on the mace and Cutter, Willie John and Nigel on percussion. So again a good turnout for another big parade.

Band played OK tonight with the heavy rain we got going over the bridge towards the court house not helping matters especially with the flutes but the band recovered to put on a good show coming up towards the bridge and under it where the crowd were singing along to our selection of tunes which is always a good feeling.

Band where awarded two 1st places tonight in Drum Major and Marching and Discipline along with a few 2nds and 3rds.