Annalong Single Star

After a mix up with the buses, which prevented us from attending the Ulster Grenadiers parade in Carrickfergus the previous night, we were on a short journey yet again to support the Annalong Single Star.

With most of the band members from the Kilkeel and Annalong area it was another chance and probably the last one closest to home for the parents and relatives to see their siblings on parade.

This parade over the last year or two has been moved back about 3-4 weeks (thankfully) as it usually falls on the day of Cloughfern and the night of Lambeg and its always been a rush to get back in time with the band nearly arriving too late last year.

Tonight we paraded with 28 flutes, 12 drums, 7 flag girls and Cutter, Willie john and Nigel on home soil in the percussion.

Playing well again tonight with a good selection of melody, jigs and Blood and Thunder going down a treat with the locals.

We were awarded two 1st places tonight in Melody Drum Corps and Melody Flute so again a big well done for the effort.