Thanks are owed to all Mourne Young Defenders past and present,

who have graced the ranks of this band by their presence


The Loyal Institutions that have supported MYD over the years


Thanks are owed to several retired (but not quite decrepit!) members of the British Army

In particular we wish to thank majors Mike Hall and Richard Powell

Mike has produced a pamphlet for arranging music for marching flute bands,

which you can purchase by emailing us. It costs but £4 (inc. p.p.)

We also thank the World's Greatest Drummer (for teaching MYD about Mummies & Daddies!)


Some snaps of Mike, Richard and Jim


The midis on this site were arranged by Woody Higginbotham,

James C. Liaw & Barry Taylor


The flute excerpts were (re)arranged by Ian Maxwell & Stu Ross

This site was built and is managed by Dr Stu Ross, a friend of MYD