The Royal South Down Militia


I belong to a noble regiment, whose deeds are often told,

For on the field of battle they are always brave and bold;

They've loyal hearts as well, as true as any steel,

And the place they show their bravery is on the battlefield.




For ye talk about your Queen's Guards, Scots Greys, and a'

Ye may sing about your Kilties and the bonnie Forty-Twa,

And of ev'ry other regiment under the Queen's command,

But the South Down 'Milishee' is the terror of the land.


Och, boys but it was grand when we in action did first join,

Along with noble William at the battle of the Boyne.

Says King James, "I'll take the first train home, 'tis more than I can stand.

For them South Down 'Milishee' is the terror of the land".


And when we were at Salisbury, in the year of Sevnty-Two,

The Queen of Spain and Duke was there to see the grand review;

"Och, bloody wars" the Queen remarked, and waved her lily hand,

"Them South Down 'Milishee' is the terror of the land".


Now there's French and Turks, and 'Prooshians', and brave Italians, too,

There's Greeks and ancient Romans, not forgetting the Zulu;

But from Greenland's icy mountains to 'Injy's' coral strand,

Och, the South Down 'Milishee' is the terror of the land.


Now at the Jubilee the Irish Rifles marched by,

Her Majesty observed them with a keen and martial eye.

"Och, Major Wallace" says the Queen, "Thim boys of yours looks grand",

"Och, hould your tongue," says Wolsley, "Thim's the terror o' the land".


When Kruger heard the regiment was landed at Capetown,

"De Wet," says he, "We're bate," says he, "They've sent out The South Downs".

Says De Wet, "If that's a fact, me son, we'd better quit the Rand".

For them South Down 'Milishee' is the terror of the land.


And now our guns and bullets they have turned to flutes and drums,

But we're still marching proudly from the mountains in South Down;

And still protecting Loyalty under the Queen's command,

Yes, the Mourne Young Defenders is the best band in the land.


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