This tune is ... The Adjutant (Captain Loyd) by Tom Birkett

The Mourne Young Defenders have an extensive repertoire. This includes traditional military marches, Scottish and Irish airs, reels and jigs and even the odd C & W piece - Billie Jo Spears has a lot to answer for! The list below is their current set, but they might just break into anything should the mood take them!

... New tunes by MYD for 2002 are Dad's Army Theme, Triplet, Portsmouth and Semper Fidelis .... More are acoming, however! ...

Aces High (Ron Goodwin's march from the film "Battle of Britain")

The Adjutant (A Coldstream Guards march by Tom Birkett)

Belfast Jig

Blaze Away (Abe Holzmann's jolly march and two step!)

Blanket on the Ground (told you!)

British Legion March

Captain Nichols (D/M S. Ward)

Cock of the North

Follow the Band - not quite Danny La Rue!

Theme from The Great Escape

Garry Owen (Irish Scots tune originally known as "Auld Bessy")

Gladiator's Farewell (Blankenberg's tune has been temporarily retired from the set!)

"Glory, Glory ..." Medley (Elvis joins the MYD!)

God Bless the Prince of Wales/Derry's Walls

High Over All

Imperial Echoes (Saffroni)

Killaloe (Robert Martin's tune, written for the musical "Miss Esmerelda")

Left Incline

Life on the Ocean Wave (Regimental march of The Royal Marines)

Light of Foot (C. Latann)

Medleys - too numerous to mention!

Men of Harlech


Peace & Plenty (Wm. Blythe)

The Sash My Father Wore

Scottish Jigs ("We're No Awa", Scotland the Brave, Black Bear)

Senior Service

Slow Airs

St Patrick's Day

The Star of County Down

US Marines Hymn (Cosmopolitan!)



Thanks are owed to Major Richard Powell for information on playlist


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