The following list is not an extensive source on other flute bands from the British Isles. We refer you to other sites with more comprehensive lists. This page contains links to less obvious material that relates to the auletic (flutes!) traditions, Corps of Drums music, and to Ulster Culture in general.

Kilcluney Volunteers Flute Band

This is perhaps the best source of links to other bands from Blood and Thunder, to Melody and even the odd Grade One, senior band.

Ballymacarrett Defenders

The Ballymacarrett Defenders from East Belfast is one of my favourite bands on the road. Like too many melody bands they are small in number. However, they have a bit of real class and a long and fine history. Their Drum Major Craig is a friend of MYD and has led the band successfully when big Darren has been skiving off on his motorbike! A great band indeed.

Millar Memorial Flute Band

This is one of the first true "Melody" flute bands. They are still one of the finest parading. Like the MYD the Millar is more a band for parades than playing odd compositions at competitions. We leave that to the Ballygowan!

Lisburn Young Defenders Flute Band

LYD is middle-sized Melody and Grade Four flute band (circa 30 members but they seem to be growing) but with a big reputation. They currently are holders of one of the main "sit-down" titles open to melody bands and these don't come without talent and lots of blood, sweat and no doubt tears. A good band and a neat website.

Ballynahinch P.B. F.B.

This is a new B & T band from a wee town in the middle of County Down. I pass through the town when bussing between Belfast and Kilkeel. The band was formed in the year of the Millennium and it is certainly one of the most active, attending parades up and down the province. This enthusiasm, which seems so absent on the mainland, reflects the close-knit community of this part of Ulster.

Ballywillan Flute Band

This is one of the few competition part flute bands with an active website (that I could find). Musically they are one of the best in Northern Ireland and are current Grade 2 champions. Though Dr Windsor Hylands' Ballygowan band (nemesis of other competing part flute bands) seems to win everything going these this space!

Hamilton Flute Band

This is the other part flute band with a website. The Hamilton Band are, however, a Senior Grade 1 band. This is an informative site that tells the history of this fine Londonderry outfit. This site also contains some music. So, no excuses, get yourself on over to cyber Londonderry and have a listen. Or you could just watch them at London's Lord Mayor's Show!


This part-flute band hails from mid Antrim and have several connections with MYD. The most recent is with David Montgomery. David is now their drum corps instructor. I have not heard the band but have seen them and they look like a fine bunch of lads and lassies (and older people too!). The band is based in a village south of Ballymena.

Carluke Primrose Flute Band

This is Scotland's finest Senior Grade One part flute outfit. I have heard them but a few times but they certainly put their local competition in the shade ... not too surprising as they are former world champions (1997). They also have a CD ... an absolute snip at £7.50.

Imperial Corps of Drums, Liverpool

This is a new band to us but they look smart so we have added a link to this recent addition to the cyber fluting world. All the best in scouse land ...

Sons of ulster scotland

This is a band I really like. It is dedicated to the memory of Shankill man, Noel Kinner. lovely to watch. A good website too with some nice tunes.

Black Skull

This site has been promised for many years and it is finally here. A great melody flute band from Scotland.

Albertbridge Accordion Band

This is one of my personal favourite sites. Technically very nice but this is also complemented by a good humour. Oh, the fact that they are one of the best accordion bands going makes it all the easier to say nice things. Good bunch who hail from East Belfast and .... Canada. Cheers Rab.

Dunloy Accordion Band

I have not seen this band but have heard lots about them. Another great wee bit of Ulster Culture on the web! Their repertoire looks great get yourself over to Dunloy for a wee peek.

Poyntzpass Silver Band

This is a most professional site. It gives a wee insight into the town as well as the band. Did I say? Not all marching bands in Ulster limit themselves to flute or accordion. This band is on the street many times during the year ... check out their extensive list of events.

Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band

Arguably the world's finest pipe band. What is not arguable, however, is that their Drum Major, Jim Kilpatrick, is the finest side drummer living.

Essey Supplies

The owner of this place is a very good friend of the band. She supplies pipe, flute and accordion bands, but is now becoming more famous for her hand made kilts, which are sold at the keenest prices in Ulster and Scotland.Old

Albion Stores

Some neat stuff for blue noses!

Hedley's Marching Band Art

Drum head painters and decorators! Visit their website or email them at

The Orange Wok

This is a wee favourite site of mine from Fuchun, an old efriend from Singapore. Quite a unique place in the cyber world that is inhabited by quite a unique chap. Make sure you go to the Piping Corner (link on page 2 of the site) and listen to some tunes. This contains the only version of the sash on the web that is played on Scottish bagpipes. It is certainly the only version played by a guy from Singapore ... or is it?

Corps of Drums Society

This is mainly an English based site but contains some useful sources. They have a very good monthly publication, which is free to members. The annual subscription is a snip at a tenner! Reg, post the cheque on .

Middlesex County Volunteers

This is a truly superb fife and drum band from Massachusetts. The band is run by a husband and wife team. Their use of Swiss drumming is awesome.

Fife & Drum Webring

This chatty group has several good sources and contacts for bands and was created by Jeff Donsbach of the Middlesex County Volunteers


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