Kinallen Flute Band - Dromore

Back to Dromore for the 2nd time this month, the parade this time organised by the Kinallen flute band. They clock up the miles during the parading year and their efforts were rewarded on a lovely night with 49 bands filling the County Down Town.

The route took the bands through the streets from the Orange Hall on the outskirts of the Town and around the square where most of the crowds had gathered.

As usual the plan was to try and parade early, but as the bus made it's way from Kilkeel someone realised that they'd lost their wallet. I wonder who that could be. One of the new young lads keeping the band late. Try again.

Perhaps someone who walks in the back row, carries a whistle and has the initials GB. Answers on a postcard please to the usual address.

Anyway, the lost property was soon retrieved and it gave some of those who'd arrived early the chance to get over the shock of hearing that RJ, Ernie, Willie John McConnell and Mark were all parading tonight and therefore doubling the average age of the band.

It also gave us the opportunity to watch the early part of the parade with Shankill Road Defenders, Lisburn Young Defenders, Fife and Drum Shore Road and Pride of the Raven playing very well.

East Belfast Prod Boys looked and sounded their magnificent best along with Kilcluney Volunteers, Drumderg Young Loyalists, Pride of the Hill and Donaghadee who in the end claimed the Blood and Thunder award. I have to say it's been a fascinating battle all year between the Blood and thunder 'Big Hitters' for the awards this season.

When we eventually paraded we took to the road with 9 in the colour party, Darren returning to lead the band, 11 Drummers, bass drum, Cymbals, 1 side walker and 28 fluters. A tremendous effort yet again.

The band played very very well and the Drum salute went down a treat in the square as we finished.

Another 7 first prizes were collected as the awards were handed out at the end of the evening.

1st Colour Party
1st Senior Drum major
1st Melody Drum Corps
1st Melody Flute
1st Melody Style and Appearance
1st Overall band

However the most interesting award of the night was 1st Lead Tip which, by coincidence, was awarded on the same night that our drum instructor, Field Marshall Montgomery, was in London watching rehearsals for the Trooping of the Colour.

As a result of the success during his absence we have now booked him a 1 way ticket to Basra.