Fife And Drums Shore Road

Fife and Drum Shore Road Fresh from our success in the Battle of the bands competition in March, the band was in North Belfast for the first outdoor competition of the year. 

Fifes and Drums Melody Flute Band from the Shore Road were the hosts. It was their first ever band parade and they were rewarded with a great turnout. 

Our new uniforms were still waiting to be unveiled, but we wanted to show our support for the lads in Belfast who had gone to great trouble and effort to attend our parade in Kilkeel last year. So we paraded without uniforms, a large band of 25 flutes, 10 drums, 9 colour party, Drum major and 2 percussion making the trip to the Shore Road. The Melody section was healthy with Lisburn Young Defenders, Pride of the raven and East Belfast UVF Regimental all in attendance.

 I thought we played very well for a first outing, and so to did the judges. We won the awards for Best melody Flute, melody Drum Corps and Best bass Drummer. A very satisfactory start to the year and good to see our friends at the Fife and Drum getting such a good turn out for their first Competition. 

Look out for them when they make the return trip to Kilkeel in August.

The Craic