of the Mourne Young Defenders & the Ulster Defence Regiment



Alan was an active member of the Mourne Young Defenders and also a soldier in the Ulster Defense Regiment until his life was taken during the troubles. Members of the UDR who gave their lives in Kilkeel defending their country are (by date of sacrifice to Ulster):

Captain G. Hanna, 29 November 1985

Corporal D.Brown, 28 May 1986

Search Dog Oliver, 28 May 1986

L. Corporal A. Johnston, 15 February1988

They are not forgotten....

Alan Johnston leads the MYD - his name emblazoned on our banner, which is proudly carried by the colour party wherever we parade. While many of the younger members of the band never knew Alan, his memory and spirit live on and influence the Mourne Young Defenders to this day. The band lays a wreath on his grave in Kilkeel on the morning of the 12th of July. His memory inspires all Mourne Young Defenders to, in the spirit of the Latin aphorism carpe diem, "seize the day" - and especially on that Glorious one in July!


The "pipe" midi file playing is titled Alan Johnston ...


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